Sometimes it's overwhelming to look at an object and feel like..."I have NO idea where to even start!" We will help you with that. Let's learn how to SEE things as they are, break them down into simple shapes, sketch the basic lines...then work on the values and shading. Once you understand this, you'll be able to carry that into color and whether you choose to color it in pencil or paint, you'll have a plan that works well.

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Hi, I’m Lisa Norman.

I've been a professional artist since 1991 and enjoyed success in several areas of art. One of my most favorite things is sharing tips and tricks with new students who are excited and inspired to learn. Thanks for visiting...come on in to my studio and let's get busy!

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Once you can see it in pencil, you can learn to paint it with COLOR! How exciting! Join us for this simple class explaining just how to do that.

Understand a very simple but important concept about what makes things look realistic. Learn how to SEE the shapes of value on an object and sketch them.

COLOR brings everything to life! Join us for a fun watercolor class and watch these water drops pop right off the paper.