The best medicine really is laughter! Join us for a fun class, bring a mirror, and your sense of humor along. We'll take you step by step in how to look at yourself, or any face and see simple shapes and line. Then learn to exaggerate and VOILA! You're a cartoonist. Let's get started...

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Hi, I’m Lisa Norman. I'm a lifetime professional artist...lover of all things creative...and storyteller.

My career has spanned many varieties of fine art, photography, murals, design and more. One things I enjoy most is sharing my tips and tricks gathered over time with inspired excited students. I can't wait for you to join me here in my studio for this fun class. Let's get started!

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Simple cartoon faces! A fun easy class explaining how to draw easy expressive faces.

Cartoon hair! If you can simplify things into shapes, it's a breeze. This is a fun easy class.

Simplify any animal into a few lines that tell the story. A fun easy class taking you step by step.