Animal art can be intimidating. Let's start simple! We've chosen 4 popular animals and will show you how to simplify with very few lines and draw a recognizable animal. Follow along, then practice making up your own with your new skills!

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Hi, I’m Lisa Norman

I've been a professional artist since 1991 and enjoyed success in several areas of art. One of my most favorite things is sharing tips and tricks with new students who are excited and inspired to learn. Thanks for visiting...come on in to my studio and let's get busy!

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Free Sample Course

Learn to draw several animals with simple lines!

Can ya laugh at yourself! It's a great stress reliever...join us for a fun, light hearted class and learn to cartoon any type of face.

Patterns and patterns Oh My! This is a fun class learning how to imagine varied patterns, then apply them to any shape and create beautiful art!

Color is captivating. Let's learn the simple rules of the color wheel and draw a beautiful eye while we're at it.