A great lesson that will show you how to see the light and dark values which make something look real. You'll be able to sketch realistic water on any surface once you've taken this class!

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Hi, I’m Lisa Norman!

I've been a professional artist since 1991 and enjoyed success in several areas of art. One of my most favorite things is sharing tips and tricks with new students who are excited and inspired to learn. Thanks for visiting...come on in to my studio and let's get busy!

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Here's a great class that teaches the basic proportions of the human head, and let's try one of the simpler features...the nose! Sketch away...

Here's some simple easy tips to help you see and sketch an apple. Once you master this...watch out! You will see everything differently and your art will reflect it.

Once you've learned how to sketch an apple in pencil...let's move on to paint! We'll use a single color and use the new knowledge you have about values to paint a simple but realistic apple.