Colors bring life and energy to art! Let's walk through the color wheel one step at a time and you'll learn how to mix, and understand how they relate to one another. Your artwork will improve in leaps when you understand WHY you choose a color.

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Hi, I’m Lisa Norman!

I've been a professional artist since 1991 and enjoyed success in several areas of art. One of my most favorite things is sharing tips and tricks with new students who are excited and inspired to learn. Thanks for visiting...come on in to my studio and let's get busy!

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On to Lesson 2! Once you've learned the basic primary and secondary colors...let's move on to complimentary and color temperature. Every step will help your artistic projects.

Wow! This is an easy watercolor class using your knowledge of colors and how they are mixed. Follow along step by step to create this beautiful realistic image of delicate water drops on a leaf.

Beautiful! Let's try a breezy acrylic painting of a beach scene. Easy to follow instructions will help you create your own perfect painting.