Painting with acrylic

Oh what you can do with red, yellow and blue! We'll show you how to create ALL of these rich fall colors with a very simple palette. Every little bit you learn about mixing colors will help you further down your artistic journey. This is a great place to practice!


Good tools make good art! You need a few simple brushes to make this project work. We'll suggest a few, but use whatever you have on hand.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint can be purchased anywhere. All you need is the 3 primary colors for this project...and some white. We like to use Blickrylic from Dick Blick, but use whatever you have available.

One detail at a time...

Don't be intimidated by this project looking too hard. We simply walk you through one step at a time, and your leaves will look amazing in the end too!

Here's the class!

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Everyone starts somewhere... I love teaching people who have the desire to learn and improve. If you've never even picked up a brush, it's OK! If you've tried a little painting, but are hoping to learn some more...let's GO! If you're wanting to learn how to mix colors better, WOOHOO! This class fits all of you. Come on in and let's paint!