Welcome to my studio!

I'm Lisa Norman...and I'm so happy you joined us for this class. I've been a professional artist since 1995 and have enjoyed may different art projects for clients around the globe. But you know what I enjoy most? Sharing my love of art with students like you. I hope you'll find our classes interesting and fun. Let's Do this!!!

Simple supplies, a little time, and a creative spark are all you need!

This painting is really just done with blue and white....with a dash of yellow and red added at the end. We'll show you how to create light, shadow, perspective and shapes all with these simple colors.

Gather a few supplies...

We'll list the supplies for you once you begin the class. We suggest a few things, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

Print your sample image..

Once you begin the class, you'll be able to print out a sample image to refer to while you paint. It really helps to have reference to work from.

Example Curriculum

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The World is our canvas!

We have students of every age, ability, and demographic. And we LOVE seeing what they create. You're joining a big 'ol group of folks from across the map when you take these classes. We'd love to see your work if you care to share when you're finished. It encourages others to see and share!