Watercolor Christmas Ornament Sampler

Join us to paint this whimsical cheery Christmas ornament in watercolor. You can choose your favorite color and follow along with the instruction. We'll show you how to paint the effect of a reflective ball. You can use your finished piece for a variety of holiday cards.

Simple Supplies

Red, Yellow and Blue watercolor




...and a little time :)

A sweet little Sampler

Here's a REAL bargain!

We offer all FOUR of these classes in a Christmas bundle. You receive over 2 hours of instruction, printable templates, and fun for just $45. You can download the classes, take them at your leisure...then please, please share your artwork with us. We know you'll have fun creating. Annnnnd, you get a free printable sheet of gift cards with our original paintings on them

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Thanks for choosing us to continue your artistic journey. We love meeting new students from all over the world and sharing a love for all things creative. Watercolor can be a fun, whimsical, expressive way to paint. Let's get busy...